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Borabora juices and teas are made using the best ingredients we can find to make our juices as close to their natural state as is possible.


We start with whole fruits that are ground up or pureed and add juices to create juice as close to nature as we can, while keeping our products competitively priced for everyday locations like Delis, Corporate cafeterias, Colleges, Hospitals, Theaters etc.

Our Mango Juice, for example, is made with whole Mangoes, Orange Juice and Apple Juice.  By using the whole Mango, we keep all of its natural best qualities intact.  -All of the fiber and natural antioxidant compounds that are found in Mangos, are in our Mango Juice.  We never use any added colors, flavors or coloring agents, whether they are artificial or natural.   The color and flavor of our juices are 100% from the fruits and juices in the bottle.  While competitors use "natural flavors", or "added color", in place of real fruit, we never put anything but REAL FRUIT AND JUICES, in all Borabora Products.


No Added Flavors!

No Added Colors!

No Preservatives!

No High Fructose!

All of our lemonades are made with the whole lemon, not just lemon juice.  We do this to make our lemonades taste better and more naturally lemony, than any other Lemonade on the market, anywhere.


Borabora offers Traditional, Strawberry, Ginger and Blood Red Lemonades.  Real Strawberries, real Ground Ginger and real Blood Red Orange juices are used to ensure the highest quality possible.  Real Cane Sugar is the only sweetener we use when added to our Lemonades and Tea.


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We believe that today's consumers want real products.  We believe they are literally, sick and tired of and from, enhanced, flavored, extended or colored foods that have somehow got away from what nature intended.


At Borabora, we say to: "Drink Your Fruit Food", because we believe that.